Hi there! Thank you so much for swinging my little corner of the World Wide Web. Welcome! Here a small introduction: my name is Joyce. Based in Belgium. I’m a logophile, nomad and bonne viveuse. I started Simply by Joy while I living in China as a Chinese language student and English teacher.

I think lots of people travel with the wrong mindset. Traveling is not about seeing all the countries in the world. It’s about seeing the beauty of the country you’re at. I want to use my little blog as a tool to aware people of how blessed we are with the opportunity to travel the beautiful world we live in. Personally, traveling has been my path of learning and improving myself.

I want to teach about the differences in manners and customs around the world. To help people understand the unknown places and people. Grow interaction between cultures, sharing my adventurous lifestyle to inspire your own. Or to summarize all of the above: I want to help you to broaden your perspectives.

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