Swimming with sea lions in Lima, Peru

Last February I’ve spent a few weeks in Peru with my partner in crime. He is a real water and wildlife lover. I, on the other hand, am not a big fan of water. He had convinced me to go swim with sea lions… After setting aside my fears, I experienced a great water adventure with one of the cutest animals I’ve ever encountered. While researching about this activity I realized there’s definitely poor information about this on the world wide web – so here you go! 😉

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Iquitos, the gateway to the jungle

As very first stop of our one month-trip through Peru, we spent several days in the jungle. I’m a big nature lover so my boyfriend didn’t need to do much in order to convince me to travel there. There are many options to visit the jungle in South America, but Iquitos is kind of a special place. The city is only reachable by plane or boat, there are no roads leading to this city. It’s completely surrounded by the Amazon jungle.

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Tips for the solo traveler

For this article, Nyala and I put our heads together to spread our advice and solo travel experiences throughout the World Wide Web. Because hey, this is what the blog is about… right? 😉

A few months ago Nyala contacted me seeking advice on solo female travel. She asked me for some general travel tips and more information on the financial aspect of her future lifestyle. Now, she is fully enjoying her gap year and totally rocking life.

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Amsterdam – things you might not know

Welcome to yet another article about a lovely country called: the Netherlands! In this section, I’ll mention 8 things you might not know about this marvelous city (yet). Cheers!

Amsterdam has it all: canals, a nice atmosphere, sex shows, legal (soft) drugs, etc. It is the city where controversial freedom is present. Personally, I think Amsterdam is one of the most charming cities in Europe. It’s not a secret that I love the Netherlands -which isn’t common to say for a Belgian-, and after reading this article I’m sure you’ll love it too. 

And yes, you might think you know Amsterdam: It is the capital city of the Netherlands, you can buy weed legally (for personal use), the red light district is where you can find prostitutes, the house of Anne Frank, Vincent Van Gogh, … I’m sure you know it all. But what if I told you that Amsterdam is more than that? Let me enlighten you with fun facts about this precious city that you didn’t know. 

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Rotterdam, my favourite place to be

 My dear Rotterdam

Rotterdam, oh my dear Rotterdam. Underrated AND Amsterdam’s rival city. Ever heard of Rotterdam? A modern port town located in the South of Holland. Its history goes beyond far; too far to write about it on my blog but I can tell you this: back in the early 19th century Germany bombed the city of Rotterdam. It completely destroyed the heart of the city and all its beauty. BUT this tragic event created the opportunity to build the city to the Rotterdam as we know it today.

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1 year anniversary: guest posts

Happy birthday! Leveling up! I’m glad to announce you that Simply by Joy is one year old now! First of all: thank you for checking out this page. Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible 🙂 Since Simply by Joy isn’t only based on my own stories but also on the stories friends and readers I’ve invited them to write about their favorite travel destination. 

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