Favorite places in the South of Belgium


2020: the year I discovered the country where I grew up (or part of it, at least 🧐). In the following article, I’ve summarized some interesting places located in the Southern part of Belgium. The places mentioned here are accessible and usually always open for visits 🇧🇪 PS this article is also available as an IG-guide.

Fondry Des Chiens

Fondry Des Chiens, also known as the Grand Canyon of Belgium. These rock formations were created by (rain)erosion, a natural process that started millions of years ago. Travel Tip: combine your visit with a hike around 🌲

Abbaye de Villers (Villers‑la‑Ville)

Not a common abbey, but a ruin that remains half‑standing since the 12th century. Most people only visit the abbey, and skip exploring the area around. Read this article for hiking‑inspiration near the abbey.


Promoted as the smallest city of the world. A perfect place for wanderers who love cosy and picturesque getaways (shopping, restaurants, souvenir shops, beautiful views, …) and also a perfect place for the adventure seeker (hiking, kayak, adventure park, biking,…) ☀️

Trail du Hérou

For the adventurous ones: the nature site ‘Le Hérou’ offers challenging hikes, beautiful views, and peaceful surroundings. Don’t skip hiking up the Rocher de Hérou for a view over the Ourthe 🌲

Kasteel van Walzin

Impressive, right? A castle that elegantly stands at the edge of a cliff, with the Lesse passing by. Tip: you can kayak by the place or reach it by car/hiking 🏰

Enjoy! Kind reminder: always stay respectful towards nature & heritage sites. Keep your dog on the leash, don’t litter, and stay on the path. ✌️


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