10 IG-accounts to inspire your next staycation


Will we or will we not be able to (leisure)travel again in 2021? That’s the question! But what we can say with certainty is the growing popularity of staycations. And I’m guilty too! With this guide, I’m introducing my personal favorite Belgian accounts to inspire you for your next staycation 🇧🇪 (there is no order of preference in this post)


For the outdoor‑freaks! @routen.be provides you with all the needed hike and bike inspiration in Belgium 🐑 Content in Dutch


This account has introduced me to many new places in Belgium and I’m very grateful for that! Check it out because you might be surprised about what this country has to offer 🧐 Content in Dutch


When planning my next hiking trip I consult the @erop.uit page as it gives a clear overview of possible routes, along with the connecting points (wandelknooppunten). As lazy as I am, I love it when people share an all‑ready‑prepared‑hiking route online ☀️ Content in Dutch


Her pictures, along with local tips and hidden gems, invite you to leave the door right away. This #belgianblogger is not afraid of an outdoor adventure! Content in English


Nature, castles, hotels, … every bit of information is summarized on their account and their website. I vouch for them! ✌️ Content in English


Since we are in lockdown, people start to find their way back to nature. This account has already given me lots of hiking‑ inspiration. Through posts and stories, @staycation.belgium gives a clear overview of outdoors trips 🌲 Content in Dutch


It’s only recently that my appreciation for the Belgian seaside grew. This profile is one of the reasons for that 🏖️ Content in English


It’s thanks to the @belgianhiker that I’ve caught the hiking virus. He loves the GR‑routes, camping, and (of course) sharing it with you through his account. 🙌 Content in English


Cynthia and Lars share their appreciation for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg through their account. Not only do they post aesthetic pictures, but also some background information about the place to be 🏰 Content in Dutch & English


It’s no secret that I love Mechelen. And so does @malinials! Epiphani created this platform for millennials from or heading to Mechelen (with success!). Content in Dutch #2800love

I hope this may help you plan a fun trip to Belgium! Much to see and much to learn in this tiny country. Kind reminder: always stay respectful towards nature & heritage sites. Keep your dog on the leash, don’t litter, and stay on the path. 

Peace and love!

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