Long term biking: tips


Recently I shared with you the story of Katrien and Kobe: a Belgian couple who decided to bike to China. Their story is inspirational on many levels: how to travel alternatively, how to travel sustainably, how to travel as a couple, and of course how to travel even when it’s not always easy to persist! Thanks to the information provided by Katrien and Kobe, I’ve managed to summarize the following tips for you. Read here a few tips for long-term biking trips.

Preparing yourself

  • Read blogs & watch vlogs in order to get informed by likewise travelers. 
  • Do a try-out trip 
  • Choose your bike wisely 
  • Make sure you get a comfortable saddle

On the road

  • You should know it’s important to plan your day according to the amount of daylight (ex. difference winter-summer)
  • It’s not a race. Like Katrien and Kobe say: The kilometers per day is not what mattered to us; it’s the overall experience. And in the end, the distance you travel depends on yourself and your mood.

Apps & websites


  • Warmshowers: The perfect platform for people who are traveling by bike. According to Katrien and Kobe, the website works better than the app.
  • Couchsurfing


  • Maps.me: Offers basic offline maps 
  • OsmAnd: A bit more complicated than Maps.me to use but offers more in-depth (offline) information 
  • iOverlander: finding camping spots & other points of interest


  • Google translate: Offers a ‘translate by speech’ function and offline translations


Find yourself a suitable budget-app that allows you to track the amount of money spend on certain necessities (for example Goodbudget).

Info about arranging visas

The website recommended by Katrien and Kobe is Caravanistan.com. There, you’ll find all the needed information and ongoing-forums for traveling to destinations on the Silk Road.

Anything to add? Contact me!

Feeling inspired? Check out the recent article about the adventure of Katrien and Kobe on the blog or learn more about sustainable travel.

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