A trip back home: Part 3 – GUESTPOST

This is Lella’s third guest post about her trip to Ethiopia. Check out part 1 & 2 to keep up with her story! Welcome, Lella January 11th –  Lalibela Another day in Ethiopia! After our very delicious and filling breakfast we walked to the bus station we were dropped off at the night before and we […]

A trip back home: Part 2 – GUESTPOST

Come and see, come and see! Another guest post about Ethiopia from Lella. Number 2 out of 5. Enjoy! Welcome, Lella! January 10th, Addis to Dessie  On the morning of Tuesday, January 10, I met Meg at our favorite juice place located at Bole Dildey (Bole Bridge). If one ever goes to Ethiopia, one does not […]

A trip back home: Part 1 – GUESTPOST

In this guest post, Lella will be talking about her trip home. Lella has been living in Chengdu for about 5 years now. This year she decided to learn more about herself, her culture and her country. Welcome, Lella! January 7th – January 17th, Ethiopia  This particular trip back home was by the far the […]

A short stay in Johannesburg – South Africa

11th of February: from Brazzaville to Johannesburg. My second stop in Africa was South Africa. Chase got some extra days off work so we decided to check out Johannesburg and Cape Town. Finally! I always dreamt about traveling to SA. I remember that flight very well. Oh man, what a nightmare. Here is our story. The […]

Brazzaville, the Republic of Congo

I had the opportunity to travel thanks to the holiday season in China. During the spring festival, or in other works the Chinese New Year, schools close for a pretty long time. YES! I figured it was a good time to do some traveling. First stop: Belgium. It was time for my visit family and […]