6th of March: Ghanaian Independence Day

Ghana flag with red color, gold color, green color and black start in middle

6 March 1957: The day that the Gold Coast became the Republic of Ghana. The day the people of Ghana celebrate the end of colonial rule. By achieving independence on that particular day, Ghana is the first sub-Saharan nation to break free from colonial rule. Free from exploitation from the land and people. This event became […]

The Mona Monkeys Of Ghana: Messengers Of God

Selfie with Mona Monkey eating banana at the Tafi Atome Sanctuary

I’m always very skeptical when it comes to involving animals in tourism. It’s against my principles and against the practice of sustainable tourism. Think about the whales at amusement parks or elephant rides in Thailand. When I heard about the Tafi Monkey Sanctuary I had my doubts at first, but my friends in Ghana guaranteed […]

A trip back home: Part 3 – GUESTPOST

This is Lella’s third guest post about her trip to Ethiopia. Check out part 1 & 2 to keep up with her story! Welcome, Lella January 11th –  Lalibela Another day in Ethiopia! After our very delicious and filling breakfast we walked to the bus station we were dropped off at the night before and we […]

A trip back home: Part 2 – GUESTPOST

Another guest post about Ethiopia from Lella. Number 2 out of 3. Enjoy! January 10th, Addis to Dessie  On the morning of Tuesday, January 10, I met Meg at our favorite juice place located at Bole Dildey (Bole Bridge). If one ever goes to Ethiopia, one does not simply leave without trying the juices at the […]

A trip back home: Part 1 – GUESTPOST

In this guest post, Lella will be talking about her trip home. Lella has been living in Chengdu for about 5 years now. This year she decided to learn more about herself, her culture and her country. Welcome, Lella! January 7th – January 17th, Ethiopia  This particular trip back home was by the far the […]

A short stay in Johannesburg – South Africa

11th of February: from Brazzaville to Johannesburg. My second stop in Africa was South Africa. Chase got some extra days off work so we decided to check out Johannesburg and Cape Town. Finally! I always dreamt about traveling to SA. I remember that flight very well. Oh man, what a nightmare. Here is our story. The […]

Brazzaville, the Republic of Congo

I had the opportunity to travel thanks to the holiday season in China. During the spring festival, or in other works the Chinese New Year, schools close for a pretty long time. YES! I figured it was a good time to do some traveling. First stop: Belgium. It was time for my visit family and […]