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Traveling nowadays means: wandering from the kitchen to the living room & the bedroom. Fear no more! This article will inspire you for your next ‘quarantine and chill’ moment. Unfortunately, we can’t travel physically but what we can do is to take our mind on a fantasy journey ?? Get inspired and let your thoughts wander through the letters of these books. (P.S. all books listed in here are read and recommended by me – you can expect a touch of spirituality and thoughtfulness.)

The Zahir – Paulo Coelho

A search for his wife, Ester, brought him not only to the desert in Kazakhstan but also to his inner self. The main character was challenged to find its way to his ‘Zahir’ while realizing many truths about his life and his marriage. This book makes you reconsider everything you know about love and your routined-life.

Women Who Run With Wolves – Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Let your mind be guided by the adventures of the Wild Woman through fairy tales, folk tales, and other stories. Not only will you be reading these stories, but you’ll also be invited to contemplate on them while the writer gives you a clearer insight into your unanswered questions. Deep truths about the woman’s psyche which empowers your inner self ♀.

The Tao of Pooh – Benjamin Hoff

The Tao of Pooh is a book that will make you indulge in the Chinese philosophy of Taoism. Effortless doing, that’s what it is all about. And who, you say, will teach us more about this practice? It’s only our dear friend Winnie the Pooh. You might think “what a childish idea” (as this is what I thought too) but after reading the first few pages you’ll think differently.  

The Alchemist – Paolo Coelho

While searching for a treasure, the Spanish shepherd embarks on a trip to the Egyptian desert. His journey, of course, brings many challenges and life lessons. This book is full of inspiration, beautiful lessons messages, and heartwarming quotes. 

Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

Of course, this book had to make it to the list. The main character, Elisabeth (who is also the writer), took the decision to travel for a year: four months in Italy, three months in India, and finally spend the remaining time in Bali. This spiritual journey began after a difficult time at home, leading her into a different way of life. 

Feel free to recommend me books as well, I’m always open for new ideas. I wish you to be strong during these complicated times! Take care and stay healthy!


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