Bruges: an introduction

Bruges is an inexhaustible source of beautiful views for those keeping an eye open. There’s a perfect mix between culture, history, and entertainment: that’s precisely why this city is THE destination for a city trip or a day of exploration. This proud World Heritage city is best explored on foot so that no detail can […]

Rock stacking: why you shouldn’t participate

On your next hiking trip, you might run into intentionally stacked piles of rocks. Some might think that these cute formations are here just because they look beautiful. But nope, there’s a history (and a reason why you shouldn’t participate)! When you Google the term “stone stacking”, you’ll find a shit-ton of information. There are […]

6 veggie/vegan-friendly lunch spots in Mechelen

Mechelen is booming 🤩 so I took a moment to summarize 6 veggie/vegan-friendly places in the city. Enjoy! Sister Bean This breakfast-, lunch- and brunch bar is a cozy establishment where you’ll be welcomed with a smile. Serving homemade food and sustainable coffee & tea – empanadas, chai lattes, desserts, healthy salads: these sisters and […]

Flying and its impact – Carbon Offsetting

Wing at sunset with clouds

In this article, you’ll learn everything you must know about flying and how to cut back on your impact. Most travelers are aware of the damaging effects of flying, but sometimes the urge to go out and explore is greater than anything. I get it, and sometimes it’s just impossible to avoid, right? I’ve got to […]

Long term biking: tips

Recently I shared with you the story of Katrien and Kobe: a Belgian couple who decided to bike to China. Their story is inspirational on many levels: how to travel alternatively, how to travel sustainably, how to travel as a couple, and of course how to travel even when it’s not always easy to persist! […]

Traveling as a vegetarian

Welcome to this blogpost, fellow herbivorous. This blog would not be mine if sustainability and vegetarianism (or veganism) would not be encouraged ?It’s been approx 2 years since I’m vegetarian – time to celebrate with a blog post! In my home country, Belgium, avoiding meat/dairy is not so much of an issue. However, we all […]

Traveling through books – the quarantine life

Books on Shelf

Traveling nowadays means: wandering from the kitchen to the living room & the bedroom. Fear no more! This article will inspire you for your next ‘quarantine and chill’ moment. Unfortunately, we can’t travel physically but what we can do is to take our mind on a fantasy journey ?? Get inspired and let your thoughts […]