Slovenia’s downhill playground for all levels

halfway down the track of the bikepark

A rush of adrenaline coursed through my veins as I stood at the dizzying height of 1,042 meters. Below me, the Pohorje rolling hills and forests stretched out in all directions, offering a breathtaking 360-degree panorama.

group of bikers at the top ready to start the descend but grouppicture right before the activitiy

The Flow Line path snaked its way down the mountainside, a ribbon of adventure promising exhilaration and a good dose of challenge. All that separated me from this thrilling descent was a warm-up and a hefty dose of courage.

The first few meters of the 5.2-kilometer downhill track were tentative, my body re-familiarizing itself with the unfamiliar sensation of hurtling downhill. Slowly, the balance returned, and a newfound confidence crept into my movements. Legs in position, feet braced, and hands gripping the handlebars – a smile finally blossomed on my face as I embraced the exhilarating ride.

A quarter of the way down the track, our expert guide called for a well-deserved rest. As we caught our breath, we were able to enjoy the panoramic vista that unfolded before us once more. The beauty of the surrounding landscape could easily be forgotten in the intense focus required by the ever-changing terrain. The Flow Line demanded our full attention, a constant interplay of balance, speed, and control.

Halfway down the track, we reached a cafe hut. This was the perfect pit stop to refill our water bottles, grab a quick snack to replenish our energy, or make a toilet break. Refreshed and revitalized, we hopped back on our bikes, ready to tackle the remaining meters.

Finally, after an exhilarating descent, the path leveled out, signaling the end of our adventure. With a mix of satisfaction and exhilaration, we said goodbye to our trusty steeds and returned them to the rental station along with our gear.

Looking for a more or less challenging downhill path? No worries, Pohorje Bike Park caters to all skill levels! Here’s a quick rundown of the trails available:

  • Flow Line: This playful trail offers a great balance of excitement and accessibility, with optional obstacles for those seeking more thrills. The track is about 5.2 kilometers long and has a descent of around 702 vertical meters
  • Red Line: This 3.2-kilometer high-octane trail features berms and jumps for airborne adventures.
  • World Cup: Embrace the natural elements – roots, drops, and switchbacks – on this ultimate test of skill.
  • Fury Trail: Also an ultimate test for the rider, as natural elements such as roots, natural drops and sharp switchbacks will include the trail.
  • The Family Line: Perfect for beginners and families, this gentle trail allows you to cruise comfortably. It starts at the mid-station, not the top.
  • Ruska Family: Take your family biking skills to the next level with this trail that incorporates gentle bumps and jumps.
  • Ruska Flow: Hone your cornering and jumping techniques on this flowy trail that keeps you in contact with the ground.
  • Stream Line: Enjoy a scenic ride alongside a stream on this natural singletrack trail suitable for most riders.
  • Red Fox Trail: Commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Golden Fox Ski Race with this exciting course.

All info about the trails and the emergency contact can be found on

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