Bruges: an introduction

Bruges is an inexhaustible source of beautiful views for those keeping an eye open. There’s a perfect mix between culture, history, and entertainment: that’s precisely why this city is THE destination for a city trip or a day of exploration. This proud World Heritage city is best explored on foot so that no detail can […]

Rock stacking: why you shouldn’t participate

On your next hiking trip, you might run into intentionally stacked piles of rocks. Some might think that these cute formations are here just because they look beautiful. But nope, there’s a history (and a reason why you shouldn’t participate)! When you Google the term “stone stacking”, you’ll find a shit-ton of information. There are […]

(NL) Brugge: een introductie

Voor wie er oog voor heeft is Brugge een onuitputtelijke bron van schitterende plaatjes. Hier vind je een mix van cultuur, geschiedenis en vermaak. Het is daarom de perfecte locatie om te city-trippen of gewoon een dagje te vertroeven. Deze trotse Werelderfgoedstad verken je het best te voet, zo ontglipt er geen enkel detail. Er is […]

Klaipeda, Lithuania’s hidden gem

Boat on Dane River in Klaipeda

Klaipeda, the city of birth of one of my greatest friends. Reasons enough for me to visit. The scenic city of Klaipeda is located along the Baltic coast and is known to be the third biggest one in the country. Not only is it the third biggest city, but it also locates the only port […]

One month in Peru – itinerary

As you might or might not now, my exchange to Chile began the first of March. My travel partner and I decided to leave for South America a bit earlier and take some time to discover Peru. I’m super glad I did: I’ve deeply fallen in love with the country and the Peruvian culture. Besides […]

Rotterdam, my favorite place to be

Euromast Rotterdam by clear sky

Rotterdam: Underrated AND Amsterdam’s rival city. A modern port town located in the South of Holland. Its history goes beyond far; too far to fit init into this article but I can summarize this: back in the early 19th century Germany bombed the city of Rotterdam. It completely destroyed the heart of the city and […]

Hiking up Hua Mountain, Xi’an

During my three-days stay in Xi’an I couldn’t miss out on hiking Hua Shan. The name Hua Shan 华山 is Mandarin: Hua means flower and Shan means mountain. This mountain is one of the 5 greatest mountains all over China thanks to its history and its religious significance. Hua Shan is definitely recommended for the […]