Rotterdam, my favorite place to be

Euromast Rotterdam by clear sky

Rotterdam: Underrated AND Amsterdam’s rival city. A modern port town located in the South of Holland. Its history goes beyond far; too far to fit init into this article but I can summarize this: back in the early 19th century Germany bombed the city of Rotterdam. It completely destroyed the heart of the city and all its beauty. BUT this tragic event created the opportunity to build the city to the Rotterdam as we know it today. Nowadays, Rotterdam is most famous for its architecture and its arty touch. Already convinced? Let me summarize 10 things to do (the rest of it I’ll let you discover by yourself).


Just a little sum up: beautiful building + good food + drinks + nice atmosphere. I don’t know about you but I do not need more to be convinced. 🙂

The Delfshaven
The Delfshaven gives an impression of how Rotterdam used to look like before the bombing in 1940. (read intro)

The Euromast is a tower with a height of plusminus 185 meters (609 feet), which was built for the world’s biggest flower exhibition in 1960. A rotating elevator will bring you to the top that offers you a view over the skyline of Rotterdam. Entry fee is 9,50 euros (without discount).

Het Park
Rotterdam offers lots of parks but my favorite is ‘Het Park’. It’s a great place to escape from the city for awhile. Other parks are: Schoonoord, Vroesenpark, Arboretum Trompenburg and more!

Erasmus Bridge
The Erasmus Bridge is a beautiful landmark of Rotterdam built over the Maas River. This bridge, designed by Ben van Berkel, connects the northern and southern part of the city.
Reconsider crossing the bridge on a windy day! I did it and I really do not recommend it! Terrible idea 🙂

Old Harbor
The Old Harbor was built in the 14th century. Old! The location of the Old Harbor offers beautiful views and a cozy atmosphere. By the way: the famous cube houses are located in this area!

There’s a variety of museums to visit:

Boijmans van Beuningen
Maritime Museum
Kunsthal Rotterdam
Het Nieuwe Instituut

The most popular bar-street in Rotterdam is Witte de Withstraat and its side streets.

Coffee shops
Just to make sure I’m not promoting drugs but for the potheads among my readers: yes, there are coffee shops in Rotterdam as well.

Chains & boutiques: Rotterdam has it all. The main shopping street is the Lijnbaan.


Transportation by public transport is very convenient @ Rotterdam. Buy a weekend pass or an OV card (top up money on these cards and scan it everytime you get on & off a bus, tram or metro). Other options are renting a bicycle, or walking.


Thanks to the big variety of nationalities Rotterdams kitchen offers a wide range of choices. Compared to my latest trips in Europe I can say that I ate the best and the cheapest in Rotterdam. My favorite restaurants (and hotel) is Bazar. It was recommended by my dear cousin & Instagram influencer Roxanne. Check out her page for more tips on food in Belgium and neighboring countries.

Getting by

If you’d like to save money on your journey I advise you to rent a bike. It is a rather cheap, easy and fast way to move around.

Typical tourist

Heading to Rotterdam to gain some cultural experience? Get a welcome card. This offers quite a bit of discount at museums and other sightseeing spots.

Best time to visit

The most pleasant time to visit is spring & summer… March until October. Other months are nice too, just wear warm clothes and hope the weather gods are in a good mood!


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